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3TH 2020


Ujwal Nair

In a battle between two clans, a mace-wielding soldier from one side deflects a shower of catapulted rocks from the other with ease. Out of desperation, the latter brings out their secret weapon. If it doesn’t work, only a miracle can save them!

KPL is a new spin on a mythic battle. It depicts a war from Indian mythology as a game of cricket.

The film is an independent animated short produced by Chikuliba Media, a brand that makes original Indian entertainment. Director Biography – Ujwal Nair

Through The Eyes of You

Laura van der Zee

A 2D animated short film about vulnerability. Two people trying to connect over dinner. For one of them, this is not as easy as it seems. Can she open up and connect?


 Gaurav Wakankar

A mother and her boy find themselves pushed to ethical extremes when they stumble upon something sinister during a regular day of foraging


Farnoosh Abedi

Music was his passion…
Love was his masterpiece…


Brenda Ximena Roldan Romero

‘Gaia’ is the story of an Australian Koala. In a traditional wooden theatre set, we follow our puppet koala (Gaia) to discover how innocent and playful she is when she comes down from her tree to investigate some strange lights and sounds from the forest. Soon she realises is a dangerous fire, and when she tries to escape she realizes there is no way out.

Gaia stands for ‘Mother Earth’. This piece is a social tribute to those animals lost in the Australian bush fires during this season. We want to thank our fire and volunteer service for conserving a vital part of our planet. There is no Planet B, and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.


Mada Ariya

The film is about an investigation by Prigi Arisandi and a team to dismantle the smuggling of imported domestic trash from western countries to East Java through the import of used paper waste. This discovery is evidence of developed countries contributing to rubbish in Indonesia, which has the second-largest marine waste contributor in the world.


Anthony Hett

Every day Frederica waits.
A day in the life of Frederica, who once led a full and content life but who now spends her days… waiting.

The second film in a trilogy of shorts exploring the theme of loneliness, old age, and dementia.

‘waiting’ has been selected for several festivals including the London Short Film Festival (2019), where it was nominated for Best British Short Film.

‘waiting’ is the follow up to ‘letters’, The first film in the trilogy ‘letters’, was selected for several festivals including the Norwich Film Festival (2015), where it was also nominated for Best Short Film. It was a finalist in the FILMSshorts competition (2018) and was selected for the Purbeck Film Festival (2018), where it won the Audience Award for Best Short Feature.


Simon Choupot

An autobiographical fresco retracing the different places where i traveled and lived. Compiled into a roaming story in mountains and villages.

The Boat No. 5

Reyhane Kavosh

Alma who is living beside a lake and has made lots of beautiful memories of the lake and boat No. 5, now had to immigrate to a city with her parents for a while but when they return back, she found something has happened…

Taste Of Night

 Liudmila Komrakova

A brilliant handsome man meets a young girl at the ball and tries to seduce her. How will end this attempt, if one of them is an extraordinary creature?

Hidden Tides

Mònica Cambra

The sea has always been a space in which many fishermen have found beauty, calm, and freedom, a space that has accompanied them throughout their lives. Now, however, the days of some fishermen are disturbed by phenomena they did not know before. This piece is a tribute to this sea and the sincere look of a fishing boat that fights to combat marine pollution and return to the beauty they remembered.

White Loster

Paul Gomez Lopez

3 humble fishermen surviving in an unpropitious sea, today they find a white lobster that will drag them to a dark greed path.

Manchar The Last of the Lake People

Aftab Abbasi

Manchar Last of the Lake People is aimed to raise awareness about the dire situation the ecology of Machar faces. Manchar is one of the biggest lakes of Asia that used to be home to thousands of fishermen, migratory birds from across the globe, and a flourishing thriving flora sustaining wide varieties of fauna, especially fish. It is a story of a paradise lost due to the pollution caused by an industrial drain which has all but destroyed the ecosystem of Manchar and along with it the livelihood of the lake people.


Margrethe Danielsen

A hedgehog has a weak spot for a balloon, an arctic/antarctic couple are drifting apart, and two oysters are longing to meet.

PM 2.5

Piotr Biedroń

A day in the life of a man who lives in a deadly polluted city. He faces a choice: him or hope for the future.

On The Beach

Samuel Chovan

The 3D animated film about the D-Day beach landings uses a new hybrid technique to achieve a hand-painted look.

The Blue Room

Davoud abbasi

A young songwriter lives with his daughter and his wife, a blacksmith. A woman’s song is a fantasy, one day the snake is tied to the eye, and the emotional life of the snake and snake is formed. The two are scheduled to take place in the old cellar. And her husband knows about the story ..

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