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3TH 2020

The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay

Bruno Caetano

In a city where nature has been forbidden, a small crime by a simple man triggers a chain of unexpected consequences.

Natural Selection

Aleta Rajic

Woman-Doe works as a professional exhibit at the museum in which she hangs from a wall like a dead animal alongside the rest of the trophies of the same kind; deer and doe heads. The life she lives is a definition of a routine; she spends her free time walking about and cleaning her apartment. One morning, after a terrifying nightmare, she notices that small horns grew out on top of her head. This makes it impossible for her to pull her head through the hole in the wall at the museum. She knows she will be punished in one way or another, and her only way out is towards freedom…


Reza Mohammadi

A number of immigrants from different countries of the middle east deal with war and bad social conditions and poverty. they are emigrated to make their dreams and imagions possible they hope to find a new world behind the oceans

4TH 2021